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Evaporative Cooling

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Electrical Installation

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Working Environments

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Ventilation Systems

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When it comes to maximising the energy efficiency of a cooling system, straightforward ventilation is hard to beat. These systems use very little energy, in fact some use none at all.

But that’s not the whole story because, like anything, you have to do it right. When it’s done right, the benefits can be truly impressive. Ventilation can create an extremely comfortable environment by creating a healthy, cooling air flow.

This is where we come in.

We take you through all the options — what’s the right system for you? What’s the correct installation? Do you need to combine with heating or air conditioning to get the desired results?

There are a lot of questions and if ventilation is the right way for you to go, we’ll provide the answers.


Go with the flow

Fresh air…

It’s one of our most basic needs as human beings and essential for a successful business. A great way to get fresh air into your business is through ventilation; not only is ventilation vital for a healthy workplace, it also prevents damage to parts and machinery, and guards against product spoilage through fumes and condensation.

There’s No Smoke…

If the unthinkable happens and you have a fire on your premises, then keeping people safe is your top priority.

An effective ventilation system removes smoke from a building and allows a safe means of escape. It also allows the emergency services to get where they need to go to deal with the effects of fire with the minimum of risk. With safety first, the next priority is damage limitation. As well as offering protection to the building itself, the right ventilation system can also safeguard plant, property and stock.

This robust form of crisis management means you can maintain business continuity during difficult times. It can get you from worst case back to business as usual quickly and effectively.

Whether it’s a new build or an older property, a shop, office, factory or residential setting, this is one area where you absolutely must get it right.

Working in partnership with e2 Climate Ltd. from the planning and design stage means we can provide expert advice and guidance to make the structure and fabric of your building as safe as it can be.