Cool fresh clean air...

With Evap Cooling from e2 Climate
the fresh cool air is clean.

Effective ventilation
when you need it.

With e2 Climate ventilation control
you can work knowing you're safe...

Working with you...

with over 10 years' experience of working
with cooling sytems, e2 Climate
can help your business...

Manage your systems

With e2 Climate we can help you
set up your control systems...


We can assist you with any controlled
environment, whether you're handling
sensitive materials or not...

your systems

We can service and replace your existing
systems using our qualified
and experienced...

Evaporative Cooling

Cooling the natural way with
e2 Climate's Evaporative Cooling System.

Electrical Installation

e2 Climate can install, test and configure
your electrical systems.

Working Environments

e2 Climate works with you to produce comfortable
environments to enable better working conditions.

Ventilation Systems

Feel safe with e2 Climate's ventilation
systems providing that extra level of security.


Keeping your environment cool doesn’t have to be expensive. We can help you choose the right cooling system – you’ll not only save energy, you’ll save money too.

Absorb heat from the air and then blow cooler air into your environment. This is a more efficient way of cooling and to reduce running costs.

Remove hot air from inside of your building and transfer it to the outside. They have the highest purchase and running costs, and are best suited to hot climates where the required comfort level can’t be provided by other cooling options. Reverse-cycle models also provide heating in winter.